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Lady Sarah

It's a great opportunity to have Lady Sarah at your events. Why you may ask?

For starters, the lovely Lady Sarah was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which means her warm personality can melt the coldest of winter snows. You see, we met Lady Sarah at the Shiriner's Clown College in 2017, in a face painting workshop. That is correct, we meet at a Shiriner's charity fund raiser, which means, she has a huge heart. I enjoyed the children's reactions as Lady Sarah painted their faces.  I had to ask her to take part in my business. She is a very talented lady and her designs are clean and vibrant. Lady Sarah painted for other companies, where she learned new simple designs. Although a lot of her face painting designs are pretty and girly, however, she has many designs for boys as well.

She does face painting, glitter tattoos, and balloon animals. A perfect combination for any party. 

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Wet Paintbrushes



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