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My name is Marcus Thomasthius Boytoe, however, everyone calls me Boytoe. I am 2559 years old. I'm a ventriloquist, balloon twister, and magician, who has entertained audiences for over  35 years. Lazareth and I lived in a few countries, but, the last one we stayed in before moving to Michigan, USA was Quebec, Canada. It was a great delightful choice to come back home.


My long time friend Lazareth is a trelf. He loves science and playing practical jokes. My favorite things to do are creating art and discovering new things and ideas.

I think, you are probably wondering how all this stage crafting began. I better start from the very root of my tale. I was born many many moons ago. My father was in the U.S. Navy, but his passion was reading and acting. You can say, I followed his path that was less taken.... Acting. Also, I am diabetic, which made joining the military impossible. In school, I was always second banana to the class clown because learning was difficult for me. Nonetheless, I made it to College and graduated from the Creative Arts Program, which is where I became serious about performing live. I must point out that Lazareth was always around even before College but never really got into the main lime light until my second semester of college. At that stage I never wanted to be alone on stage.


In college my theatre teacher Kenneth Tomlin, push Lazareth and myself to rehearse and write material. He said, "You're in the Creative Arts Program, I want to see something creative and new every week." Ugh, Lazareth was never serious and every interesting thing to me like plays or stories Lazareth made fun of. Nonetheless, that is what people wanted... Laughter.

In 1992, we did our first really big talent show in front of hundreds of people and it want very well....well enough to go into a comedy club to try out in front of an intoxicated crowd. What a rush! After that night we continued writing jokes and making people laugh. I was Lazareth's straight man for seven years working the comedy circuit. We traveled to five different countries creating wonderful memories.


We entertained grown ups, with clean material that the audiences enjoyed. In all our time doing stand-up we never got heckled, though we wanted to be. Other comics were heckled with drunken slurs, but we never got the opportunity until entered into realm of children's performer. You see, I wanted the interactive fun with the audience. And one day, I received a phone call from an English theatre company asking us to be part of their children series. I agreed and thought before that gig I need to try my material out on kids. So I entered, a Fringe Festival, and found out the variances between kids and adults were hugely different. The news paper clipping titled, "Dreams of Desperation" said it all. Every show was a struggle.... children lost interest in certain sections of the show. But I loved how my brain sparked every creative neuron needed to get the kids attention back. Every day I had to change my show, learning, and adapting it to be successful. When the festival was over I sat back down and pounded out on the typewriter a new show with slap stick, more child like gags, and I hired a clown, "The Great Zamboni."

The show was a success and spread the name Boytoe (Boiteux) & Lazareth further. We had so much fun performing for kids we stopped doing stand-up. However, even with the achievement of theatres, festivals, parties, schools, and libraries, the English language was disappearing fast in Quebec and the fight between 5 English companies was to much. Something had to change!!!


Change happened in the middle of 2012, when we moved to Detroit, Michigan. It was a new beginning with an abundance of opportunities and English was the dominating language.  Now, the hard work accompanied research, character creation, and developing new skills like balloon twisting and magic. Now, we needed a forum with an abundant amount of people and the Detroit Eastern Market fit the bill. Top jar in hand we entertain the crowds but everyone wanted balloons. The balloons out shone the venting for awhile, until we embark into the realm of the birthday parties and summer camps. We moved forward quickly, climbing this huge mountain to the top. We broke our time line goals by half, but we still were not a house hold name yet. Our ratings were fantastic with 5 stars in the Metro Detroit area, and have performed at sporting events for the Detroit Lion"s football team, The Tigers, and Red Wings, also, city functions, festivals, schools, libraries, resorts, and many more. Apart from our own bookings, other entertainment companies hire us often because we are professional and know how to make people happy.


We keep on evolving in skills and talent, in 2019, we added face painting and a seasonal Christmas Character, Buzz Twinkletoes, which is exciting to offer to our clientele.


We can't wait to be a part of your event and to put smiles on everyone's faces.     





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