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Our Story

Boytoe & Lazareth, kid show

My name is Marc Boiteux (Boytoe), 

I founded Boytoe & Lazareth company in 1985.

I graduated from the College with a Creative Arts degree and wonderious dream. What a rush!

Being a ventriloquist, my partner Lazareth (the puppet) and I performed in five different countries creating wonderful memories.


In 2012, we moved to Michigan. It was a new beginning with an abundance of opportunities.  We added balloon twisting and simple magic to our routine. Doing so, we broke our time line goals by half. However, we still were not a house hold name yet. Our ratings were fantastic with 5 stars, nevertheless, we needed more to reach that next level. Sporting events was that next hurdle, and we made it. A local company hired us out to balloon twist for The Detroit Lion"s football team, then, The Tigers, and Red Wings, which brought forth other city functions, festivals, schools, libraries, resorts, and many more.  We are happy to say, Boytoe & Lazareth is professional at making people happy. We keep growing our skills and talents every year just to make your events special.

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